3 Tips For Staying Comfortable During A Long Haul Flight

Spending 7+ hours on a plane may be your worst nightmare, but so many of us do so in order to travel to faraway locations. Long haul flights are often dubbed “mind-numbing” or “dull”, but flying long haul can be actually quite relaxing – if you know how to do it right.

Seasoned long-distance travelers know all the tips, tricks, and must-haves for flying long haul and often emerge from long flights feeling rested and relaxed, whilst other passengers leave stressed, tired and hungry. Long haul flights are a recipe for disaster if you do them wrong, with boredom, sleep deprivation and dehydration all common issues for passengers.

With the world’s first 20-hour flight recently taking place from the US to Sydney, air travel looks set to become longer than ever in order to get us direct from A-B, so if you’re planning on long haul travel anytime soon, here are some tips and must-haves to help you survive.

Upgrade If You Can

When your traveling long haul, you need to do everything that you can to make yourself feel comfortable in the cabin. If you can, try to upgrade from coach class into something which is a little more laidback and relaxed.

Some flights and airlines have up to four classes and you may find that if you book early enough in advance, then upgrading is just a small amount more. When you upgrade, you are treated to a whole host of luxuries, such as priority boarding, more space, better food and drink, and better entertainment options, all of which will make you more relaxed and enjoy the flight more.

Avoid Working

Long haul flights are called that for a reason – they’re long! With several hours ahead of you, you should have a plan of activities for you to do during your flight and this doesn’t mean staring at spreadsheets or writing long proposals. Sure, if you’re going on a business trip, then spend an hour or two preparing for the trip ahead of you, but you’ll do yourself no favors if you arrive at your destination stressed, overwhelmed and tired!

Instead, spend the hours you have free doing things which make the time fly by, especially during those middle hours where the end seems so far away. Reading, listening to music and watching the in-flight entertainment will help the hours pass by.

Have A Comfort Kit

If your flight is particularly long or overnight, then you are going to need some essentials to keep you comfortable. Your body and your brain will thank you for each and every comfort you can muster and whilst it might seem inconvenient to pack them at the time, you will thank yourself a few hours in.

Planes can be cramped and loud, and you’re on there for a while with no means of escape or fresh air, so anything to drown out the engine noise, crying children and bright lights is a must. Firstly, if your flight is overnight, pack a change of clothes to swap into when you start to feel sleepy. Loose, breathable and soft clothing is a must, so pajamas or urban streetwear are great choices.

If you want to use the flight as an opportunity to catch up on your sleep, then you should also take an eye mask, to sleep when you want, rather than when the cabin crew turns off the lights and some good earplugs. To freshen up in the mornings, then a toothbrush, toothpaste, and flannel are must-haves – you can ask the crew for hot water and wait for it to cool slightly before using it to wash your face.

If you’re planning your next faraway trip to an exotic location, then long haul flights are a must-do. To find the best deals, take a look at our latest deals for great prices!

The article has been contributed by our guest writer, Natalie.

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