Romanna’s Trip to 8 Destinations for Only $815 Has Come to an End

SkySurf.Travel’s last travel hiree, Romanna, has just ended her trip to eight cities around Europe from Kyiv, Ukraine, and back for only $815. You can learn more about her journey and her destinations by clicking here. You can also read about her entire SkySurf.Travel experience by reading her 24 blog entries with photos. Here is what Romanna had to say about her whole experience:

“My adventure of a lifetime had finished, and I can say it was 100 percent the best travel of my life! Incredible experience – eight weeks and eight destinations changed me and my attitude toward traveling.

So many “first times” have happened to me:

The first time I went solo and improved myself in so many ways.
The first time I tried Couchsurfing, I met great people and made new friends.
The first time I climbed a volcano, and it started erupting!
The first time I went to dream destinations – Portugal and Greece, discovered these great countries and fell in love with them.
The first time I felt an earthquake – impossible to forget that feeling.

I have learned how to be more independent and brave; how to be prepared for any situation; and to enjoy every moment of adventures.

I wish for everybody to try long-term solo travel at least once – believe me, it will change your life!

Finally, I want to say thank you to SkySurf.Travel for such an opportunity.

With love,

As Romanna has shown us, it doesn’t require to break the bank to travel the world and make your travel dreams come true. You, too, can travel like Romanna to multiple destinations for about the same price of USD 815 and even cheaper! Check out the video below of Romanna’s travels. To start booking your dream trip, visit SkySurf.Travel and the SkySurf.Travel Multi-City Trip Generator tool.

We plan on having more travel jobs, such as Romanna’s shortly, so check back the SkySurf.Travel blog soon!

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Safe Travels!
The SkySurf.Travel team

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