5 Music Festivals In Europe You’ve Never Heard Of

If you love music festivals, then you may think you’re in the know when it comes to the latest and greatest festivals around the globe. However, there are thousands of festivals that are still relatively under the radar in Europe – just waiting to be discovered. Broaden your horizons and step out of your comfort zone with a trip to one of these amazing music festivals in Europe you’ve never heard.

Masked Ball, UK

The UK is a little touch-and-go when it comes to festivals, purely because the weather is so unpredictable. Their most famous festival, Glastonbury, is almost always guaranteed to be a rain and mud extravaganza. But this doesn’t take away from the fantastic headliners lighting up the stage. The Masked Ball takes place in an idyllic area of the country, Cornwall. This chic, edgy, dance-orientated festival has been running since 2009 but is still fairly unknown in the grand scheme of things. The party is non-stop for 3 days thanks to their 24-hour music and alcohol license. It takes place bi-annually, in spring and in autumn where there’s a special Halloween edition.

Cappadox, Turkey

Cappadox festival is fantastic for those who like something a little out of the ordinary. Set in the sun-drenched, fairytale-esque mountains of Cappadocia, the festival combines music, food, and art. You’re just as likely to see a street artist painting a wall as you are a group of girls testing out their festival glitter ideas on a stall. It’s predominantly jazz, but it also incorporates Turkish folk, experimental rock and DJ’s to provide a wide mix for all music tastes. The festival is now in its fourth year, and well worth a visit if you like the idea of going to a festival in a unique setting.

Ypsigrock, Sicily

You may not be able to pronounce it, but it doesn’t mean that Ypsigrock festival isn’t one for the books. Heading to a festival in the beautiful Sicily is a safe bet if you fancy a hot holiday combined with a festival experience. Set in a medieval castle hidden among Sicilian mountains and Mediterranean sea, this is a truly special place to visit. While you may not be entirely familiar with the headliners, it’s almost beside the point when you’re swaying to the music underneath the sun. It also gives you the chance to discover new music that you may not have previously heard of. If you’re an avid festival goer, then you may wish to camp in the neighbouring national park.

Flow Festival, Finland

Finland may be more associated with its hard Finnish rock scene, but Flow Festival is helping to slowly drift away from that stereotype. The country is huge on sustainability so it’s no surprise that the festival is committed to being as eco-friendly as possible. All of the festival’s electricity is made with waste and residue renewables! This vegan-loving, hippy festival is a millennial’s dream with its beautiful music, creative arts aspect, and amazing culinary delights.

Pohoda, Slovakia

If you’re into the Chemical Brothers, Jamie Cullum, and Glass Animals, then the Pohoda festival in Slovakia is a great choice for you. The festival has been running for two decades but is still pretty under-the-radar. For only €99, you can bag yourself a ticket for the whole weekend. This easy-going festival is all about a laidback feel, giving the 30,000 visitors a relaxed, chilled vibe across the three days.

The article has been contributed by our guest writer, Natalie.

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