Places In Italy You Should Visit At Least Once In Your Life

Italy is one of the most popular places in the world. With dozens of amazing looking sites, picking the usual “must-visit” would be kind of complicated, primarily because of the primary dualism related to old architectures and beautiful natural sceneries. With this being said, there are some places which, independently from someone’s tastes, should be seen at least once. Let’s analyse them in detail.


The Eternal City has been a lot of people’s favourite destination for decades. Mainly because of architectonic masterpieces like the Colosseum or the Pantheon, Rome is the perfect destination for anyone who’s looking for an intimate, historic place that could also bring to the table (literally!) great food and overall amazing experience. The best picks in regards to what you should see in Rome are definitely the Vatican museums (although quite expensive) and the entire area surrounding the Ara Pacis.

If you’re a “city” type, metropolitan person, but still looking for that classic Italian experience, Milan could be a great shot for you. Especially if you’re visiting the city during bubbly events such as the fashion week, what’s known as Italy’s artistic powerhouse will satisfy (almost) every taste. Don’t forget that the city also offers a vast variety of architectonic beauties, starting from the Duomo, which is still one of the brightest examples of gothic architecture.


When visiting Italy, you want to experience those magical places which you’ve seen in a lot (and that’s A LOT) of romantic movies, and Venice is definitely one of the biggest ones in regards to this matter. Venice is a beautiful place but it could be extremely dangerous… for your pocket. That’s right, the Italian city is well renowned in the world for being extremely expensive, so watch out for it!

Sicily and Sardinia

Whilst it’s not a specific destination, there are far too many beautiful sceneries to visit in the two main islands of Italy. Specifically, if you’re visiting during summer, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful seasides and water so crystal clear that will be enough for you to apply for an Italian residency program.


The main thing for which Italy is famous worldwide is food. Then why don’t stop for a couple of hours in the city where Pizza was invented? There are plenty of restaurant deals there, another reason to visit! Naples is also great for its beautiful seaside, which is connected to “Hollywood famous” locations such as Sorrento. Naples is, unfortunately, renowned worldwide for its high crime rate, especially for tourists, so keep your eyes open and pockets closed if you decide to visit!

Rimini and Riccione

If you’re looking forward to a party holiday, then these two cities, located on the eastern side of Italy, are definitely your go-to destination. With famous clubs such as Peter Pan and “The Imperial Bay,” these two cities are extremely close and easily reachable with the insane volume of buses that are constantly travelling between the two. One more reason to go there and party hard!


Speaking of party places and amazing seasides, Gallipoli, located in Apulia, has been described as “the Italian Ibiza” for its remembrance to the Spanish Island. The island is relatively easy to reach from Bari’s airport but, similar to Naples, given the massive influx of tourists every year, it has become known for its high crime rate.


Looking for the classic City experience in Italy but in a more intimate setup? Then Turin could be the best decision for both your summer holiday but as well for your winter escape. Plus if you’re a football fanatic, as the city hosts two very successful football teams, Juventus and Turin FC!


If you’re a museum fan and if you love art and architecture, then Florence could be the best choice for you. The Uffizi, for example, are famous worldwide and are currently displaying 35% (yes, 35%!) of the entire world’s art. On top of this, Florence offers a vast variety of gourmet food, starting from their famous “Fiorentina”, a massive steak served on a bed of fries, yum!

Italy has got a vast variety of places which will satisfy both the one who’s looking for art and culture and the ones who are just willing to chill or party hard. Italy is an easily accessible city from most European cities and if you are wanting to visit more than one destination during your visit, be sure to check out our latest deals for multi-city trips.

The article has been contributed by our guest writer, Natalie.

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