Romanna’s Trip to 8 Destinations for Only $815 Has Come to an End

SkySurf.Travel’s last travel hiree, Romanna, has just ended her trip to eight cities around Europe from Kyiv, Ukraine, and back for only $815. You can learn more about her journey and her destinations by clicking here. You can also read about her entire SkySurf.Travel experience by reading her 24 blog entries with photos. Here is what Romanna had to say about her whole experience:

“My adventure of a lifetime had finished, and I can say it was 100 percent the best travel of my life! Incredible experience – eight weeks and eight destinations changed me and my attitude toward traveling.

So many “first times” have happened to me:

The first time I went solo and improved myself in so many ways.
The first time I tried Couchsurfing, I met great people and made new friends.
The first time I climbed a volcano, and it started erupting!
The first time I went to dream destinations – Portugal and Greece, discovered these great countries and fell in love with them.
The first time I felt an earthquake – impossible to forget that feeling.

I have learned how to be more independent and brave; how to be prepared for any situation; and to enjoy every moment of adventures.

I wish for everybody to try long-term solo travel at least once – believe me, it will change your life!

Finally, I want to say thank you to SkySurf.Travel for such an opportunity.

With love,

As Romanna has shown us, it doesn’t require to break the bank to travel the world and make your travel dreams come true. You, too, can travel like Romanna to multiple destinations for about the same price of USD 815 and even cheaper! Check out the video below of Romanna’s travels. To start booking your dream trip, visit SkySurf.Travel and the SkySurf.Travel Multi-City Trip Generator tool.

We plan on having more travel jobs, such as Romanna’s shortly, so check back the SkySurf.Travel blog soon!

Be sure to check out and follow SkySurf.Travel’s Instagram for more photos and videos of Romanna’s recent trip, and future upcoming trips.

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Romanna’s Upcoming Eight Destinations in Europe for only $815

In about a week from today, Romanna, who was hired by SkySurf.Travel to travel to eight cities around the world will soon be traveling around Europe and posting her travel stories with photos and videos at this SkySurf.Travel blog and on social media. Make sure to follow SkySurf.Travel on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest news and updates. For now, let’s learn more about her upcoming trip destinations:

Romanna’s journey starts May 21, 2019, from her hometown Kiev, Ukraine. She will spend about a week in each city to document her entire 2-month trip, and then return to her hometown on July 19th. All flights to 9 cities in Europe costed a total of $815, including baggage fees, using the SkySurf.Travel tool. Her first destination is:

1. Malta. Malta is an archipelago, one of the smallest countries in Europe, in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast. It has beautiful beaches, like Comino’s Blue Lagoon where people can take a swim in the aquamarine colored sea. Malta also has an equally beautiful island called Gozo, where people from Malta can ferry ride to. There’s much to do, such as visit the panoramic view at Upper Barrakka Gardens, take a sightseeing boat ride to Three Cities of Cottonera, and play at Popeye Village, which was the film set of the 1980 musical “Popeye,” just to name a few.

Romanna arrives in Malta May 21st and departs on the 28th. The total cost for this flight with baggage from Kiev is $131.


2. Catania, Sicily, Italy. Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island, just off the “toe” of Italy’s “boot.” It’s known for its delicious fresh fish and seafood; Europe’s most active volcano, Mount Etna; and where Homer’s Odyssey was set. Sicily has endless stretches of beautiful wild beaches with crystal-clear waters, baroque palaces, and breathtaking views on top of hills and cliff-top villages.

Departure: June 5
Price for flight: $41 total

Catania, Sicily, Italy
Catania, Sicily, Italy

3. Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon, Portugal’s hilly coastal capital city, is one of the oldest cities in Western Europe. It was built on seven hills so there will be lots of uphill walking, but well worth it, as the top viewpoints, called “miradouros”, have incredible panoramic views, such as to the castle, the dramatic Portuguese coastline, and to most of the city skyline. Lisbon is a stunning and charismatic city well worth the visit.

Departure: June 12
Price for flight: $94 total (indirect flight)

Lisbon Portugal
Lisbon Portugal

4. Ponta Delgada, Portugal. Ponta Delgada, on São Miguel, is the regional capital of the Azores archipelago, a string of nine islands in the Atlantic Ocean about 1,300 kilometers west of Portugal’s mainland and about a two-hour flight from Lisbon. One of the great natural wonders of the Azores archipelago is the spectacular volcanic caldera (crater) lake of Lagoa das Sete Cidades. A stunning panorama can be viewed from Vista do Rei, named from King Carlos’s visit in 1901, where the lake, consisting of two lagoons: The Green Lagoon and the Blue Lagoon, can be admired.

Departure: June 17
Price for flight: $83 total

Ponta Delgada, Portugal
Ponta Delgada, Portugal

5. Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal. Funchal, the vibrant capital of Madeira, is a sub-tropical island in the Atlantic Ocean around 960 kilometers southwest of Lisbon. There are plenty of things to do in Funchal, such as strolling along the gorgeous waterfront, smelling flowers and tasting fruits at Funchal market, and marveling at the views from Monte cable car. Funchal is a wondrous island city filled with tropical gardens, phenomenal views, and captivating street art.

Departure: June 25
Price for flight: $81 total

Madeira Island, Portugal
Madeira Island, Portugal

6. Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, is well-known for its art and architecture. The fantastical Sagrada Familia church and other modernist landmarks designed by Antoni Gaudi marks the city. Barcelona will make you feel like you’re living in a Dr. Seuss book. It’s home to Futbol Club Barcelona and was home to artists Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. Barcelona is well worth the visit and you’ll be very glad you did!

Departure: July 4
Price for flight: $109 total (indirect flight)

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain

7. Santorini, Greece. Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea. The whitewashed, cubiform houses of its 2 principal towns, Fira and Oia, cling to cliffs above an underwater caldera (crater). They overlook the sea, small islands to the west and beaches made up of black, red and white lava pebbles. Some exciting things to do in Santorini are visiting the unique beaches in the Greek Isles, and Kamari, formed by Santorini’s volcanic history; exploring ancient ruins buried in ash (Ancient Akrotiri); and touring famous wine destinations. Santorini is considered a premier wine destination in Europe because the soil in which the wine grows in, which is partially composed of volcanic sediment, creates an interesting flavor difficult to find elsewhere.

Departure: July 12
Price for flight: $43 total

Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greece

8. Athens, Greece

And last but not least, Athens, which was the heart of Ancient Greece. About 400km north is where the Olympian gods resided at Mount Olympus, which can be clearly described in the classic epic Homer’s Iliad. The first ancient Olympic Games can be traced back to Olympia in 776 B.C. Some must-see sites in Athens are The Parthenon, The Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, and Herod Atticus Odeon. Athens has many monuments, memorials, and museums to visit with ancient artifacts and Greek art.

Departure: July 19 (Back to Kiev, Ukraine)
Price for flight: $120 total

Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Athens, Greece
Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Athens, Greece

This amazing trip around Europe to eight cities (five islands) costed a total of $815 (including baggage fees). You too can build an incredible and super-cheap multi-city trip from anywhere around the world using the SkySurf.Travel tool.

Check back really soon for stories about Romanna’s upcoming excellent adventure around Europe.

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SkySurf.Travel Job Hiree, Romanna from Ukraine, Has Booked All Her Flights to Travel Europe!

Romanna from Ukraine
Romanna from Ukraine

We at SkySurf.Travel are excited for Romanna and her upcoming trip to eight cities around Europe! Romanna was the selected candidate for SkySurf.Travel’s first travel job for the purpose to show it doesn’t cost much to travel around the world; in her case, only $815 for nine flights around Europe. You too can build an amazing trip like this from your home airport to any destination around the world using the SkySurf.Travel tool. Romanna will be staying a week in each city and documenting about her trip via this blog and social media. Be sure to also follow SkySurf.Travel’s Instagram account for more photos and videos of Romanna’s upcoming European trip with SkySurf.Travel!

In case you don’t know, the SkySurf.Travel travel job was looking for someone to travel to eight cities around the world with a budget of $2,000, spending a week in each city, and documenting about their travel trip through blogging and social media.

Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greece

Using the SkySurf.Travel tool, Romanna was able to book all her upcoming European flights for the price of $749 (base cost). Since she will be traveling with a larger carry-on (55x40x23), she also paid for a baggage upgrade; only an extra $66 for three out of the nine total flights. The other six flights include a free carry-on with the airfare cost. That’s a grand total of $815 to eight different cities (nine total flights) around Europe from Kiev, Ukraine and back. Of those eight cities, five are beautiful islands. Below are the details of Romanna’s upcoming multi-city European adventure:

Starting Point: Kiev, Ukraine
1. Malta (May 21, 2019) $109 (+$22 for carry-on) $131 total
2. Catania, Sicily, Italy (May 28, 2019) $41 total
3. Lisbon, Portugal (June 5, 2019) $82 (+$12 for carry-on) $94 total [indirect]
4. Ponta Delgade, Portugal (June 12, 2019) $83 total
5. Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal (June 17, 2019) $81 total
6. Barcelona, Spain (June 25, 2019) $77 (+$32 for carry-on) $109 total [indirect]
7. Santorini, Greece (July 4, 2019) $113 total
8. Athens, Greece (July 12, 2019) $43 total
8. Return to Kiev, Ukraine (July 19, 2019) $120 total

That’s a grand total of $815 for nine flights (seven which are direct), including baggage fees and taxes. Below are screenshots of the BookIt List (multi-city itinerary shopping cart) that was built by Romanna at SkySurf.Travel, as well as a map to all her travel destinations. She will mostly be staying with locals by Couchsurfing and possibly staying at a few hostels/hotels/B&B’s. Here is a blog entry on how to travel the world for really cheap in two months for under $2,000. May 21st is when the fun starts! Check back then to start reading stories with photos and videos from Romanna about her SkySurf.Travel adventure, and check back shortly as we will post a blog with more details about Romanna’s upcoming European travel destinations!

Romanna's SkySurf.Travel BookIt List European Itinerary
Romanna’s SkySurf.Travel BookIt List European Itinerary


Romanna's SkySurf.Travel European Travel Route
Romanna’s SkySurf.Travel European Travel Route

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Safe Travels!
SkySurf.Travel team

How to Travel by Plane to 17 Cities in Europe for under $500 in One Trip

Yes, you’ve read that right!  Seventeen cities in Europe for under $500 in one trip by plane via SkySurf.Travel.  No mile points needed. All non-stop flights!  According to this article How to Hit Europe’s Greatest Cities for under $500 in One Trip, you can visit 15 cities in Europe for under $500 by bus or train.  That’s a great deal, but what if you would rather fly and get to your destinations faster, and pay even less?  Or possibly mix it up a bit with plane, bus, and train to get even a cheaper deal?  That’s totally a matter of preference.  You might enjoy sightseeing when riding a bus or train, while reading a book about your next destination, or perhaps you prefer flying through the sky with a bird’s eye view of the lands below?

Now be forewarned:  The prices below were found during the time of writing this blog.  Prices change frequently for flights.  You can still find great flight deals for under $500 if you plan 
your own economical travel route using SkySurf.Travel.  Possibly even cheaper, or slightly more expensive, depending on the time of booking and where you want to fly to.  Also, some airlines such as Wizzair allow passengers a free small cabin bag carry-on the size of 42 x 32 x 25 cm.  To see what a carry-on bag of this size looks like, click here:, so packing light is a good idea if you want to fly for really cheap.  If you need to travel with a larger carry-on, some airlines may charge an extra fee.  Please see baggage policies of each airline before booking.

In this blog entry, I will show you how you can visit 17 cities in Europe for under $500. All non-stop flights.

Here’s the cities I’ll be flying to, starting from London, England: 

  • Olsztyn-Mazury, Poland (June 13, 2107)
  • Oslo, Norway (June 16, 2017)
  • Vilnius, Lithuania (June 21, 2017)
  • Stockholm, Sweden (June 25, 2017)
  • Budapest, Hungary (June 30, 2017)
  • Brussels, Belgium (July 4, 2017)
  • Berlin, Germany (July 9, 2017)
  • Copenhagen, Denmark (July 13, 2017)
  • Eindhoven, Netherlands (July 18, 2017)
  • Timisoara, Romania (July 24, 2017)
  • Venice, Italy (July 28, 2017)
  • Prague, Czech Republic (August 4, 2017)
  • Paris, France (August 9, 2017)
  • Ibiza, Spain (August 14, 2017)
  • Madrid, Spain (August 18, 2017)
  • Birmingham, England (August 25, 2017)

For a total of $487 with taxes included! Take a look at my BookIt List below:

Here’s my European vacation travel route (17 cities):

Not too bad, eh?  Seventeen cities in Europe traveling by plane for $487 with taxes included!

Here’s how I got this awesome deal:

I clicked on the “Multi-city” tab and entered in my departure city, which is London, England (LOND). I then clicked on “Depart Date”, clicked on “June 2017”, and finally the “Search Best Deals!” button.

The cheapest flight that came up in the search results was to Olsztyn-Mazury, Poland on June 13, 2017 for $16! (Which, by the way, is a charming city in Poland with many beautiful lakes in the area.  Great for boating, camping, nightlife, and more.)

Once I add this flight to my BookIt List, I get a popup such as the one below:

I choose the date when I want to depart, and then click on the “To another destination” link, or click the “Back to London Luton LTN” link once I want a return flight back to London.   I repeat this process until I’m done adding all my flights to the BookIt List.

It’s possible to go even lower in price!  Try it out yourself (possibly even with trains, buses, or ferries) and let me know what great itineraries you can come up with.  Try Asia!  It’s also cheap to get around by plane.  And even the entire world!

Happy and safe travels!
Gregory Rzeczko

How to Travel Europe for Cheap ( is not just for booking cheap round-the-world air tickets.  You can also find cheap one-way or round-trip airfare deals, or customize your trip anyway that you desire.  For this blog entry, I’ll be giving you an example of how you can travel around a few countries in Europe for mega-cheap from NYC.  If you already live in Europe, it’ll be even cheaper.

Let’s say I want to visit Europe for two months, visit a country each week, and then return back home to New York City.  I enter in NYC in the “Traveling from” field and September 1st as my departure date.   I select the “Multi-city” option and click on the “Search Best Deals!” button.

The cheapest flight to Europe on September 1st is $306 to Naples, Italy.  I’m pretty flexible with dates, and would like to see if there are any cheaper flights to Europe in September, so I click on the “Find the best deals for September 2016” link.  I find a flight to Oslo, Norway for $181 on September 29.   I add this flight to my BookIt list.

A popup appears, such as the screenshot above.  I am going to spend a week in each country, so I select October 7 as my departure date and then click on the “To another random destination” link.

The cheapest flight on October 7th is to Germany for $41.  I add this flight to my BookIt list and repeat the process above until I’m ready to add my return trip flight back home to New York City to my BookIt list.

Below is my final BookIt list:

Please note that some airlines may charge an additional fee for baggage.  Usually carry-on luggage is included free of charge.  If you want to fly cheap, packing light is a good idea. 

That’s a total of 8 countries in 2 months for $567.17; all non-stop flights.  According to this Business Insider article (, the cheapest round-trip flight to Europe from New York City, on average, is to Oslo, Norway for $552.  So instead of just visiting Oslo, Norway, I’m visiting 8 countries for about the same price!  It’s as if I’m getting free trips to other countries by using the online service  Here are some tips on getting the cheapest airline deals for when flying to or from Europe.  Try to fly into or out of these countries for the cheapest deals: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France, Iceland, Russia, Ireland, or the United Kingdom. Norwegian airlines are usually the cheapest and they fly to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom, and France non-stop.

Let’s say I were to live in Germany and did not need a return flight trip back to New York City.  I would be paying about $175 for flying to 8 countries around Europe for 2 months. Not a bad deal!

Here are the countries I’ll be visiting in Europe for 2 months from New York City:

  • Norway – September 30 – October 7
  • Germany – October 7 – 14
  • Poland – October 14 – 21
  • Sweden – October 21 – 28
  • Romania – October 29 – November 4
  • Italy – November 4 – 11
  • Ireland – November 11 – 18
  • Denmark – November 18 – 25

Here’s my entire flight route: