How SkySurf.Travel Is Different from Any Other Airfare Finder Website

When presenting SkySurf.Travel, often I get asked the question, “How is SkySurf.Travel different from any other airfare finder website, such as Kayak, Skyscanner, or Google Flights?”  That’s a great question.  Why would anyone choose SkySurf.Travel over Skyscanner, Kayak, or Google Flights?  In this blog entry, you’ll learn how SkySurf.Travel is different from any other flight ticket site on the web, and why you should take advantage of it to book your flight tickets.

What’s most notably different on SkySurf.Travel compared to any other flight ticket website, is that there’s no input field to enter in a destination.  This is done on purpose, so that travelers with limited funds, or travelers seeking the most economical multi-city flight route, can see which travel destination options they have.  If you have a set plan with exact travel dates, SkySurf.Travel may not be the best tool for you to book flights.  However, here are some cases where SkySurf.Travel would be an excellent resource for booking your flights:

  • You have a budget set aside for flights, and want to see what your flight ticket options are.
  • You want to travel to a few cities around the world, a continent, or country, and want to build the cheapest possible multi-city flight itinerary.
  • You’re flying around the world, and whenever you’re ready to depart the city you’re in, you can see what your cheapest options are.
  • You just want to see if there are any travel deals for the dates you want to travel, or if you’re flexible, choose ‘anytime’ or select the month you wish to travel. For example, there can be round-trip deals to Europe from the United States for $200-$300.

“Kayak, Skyscanner, and Google Flights already have map explorers for finding great travel deals.”  Yes, this is true, but SkySurf.Travel is specifically built for building the most economical flight itinerary. Here’s what SkySurf.Travel offers that the aforementioned websites do not:

Try for yourself and see where your budget can take you.  Perhaps a cheap flight to a lovely beach island, or the mountains?  Wherever your dream destination may be, SkySurf.Travel can help you find great flight deals to many destinations around the world.

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